There are many make and models of aircraft available for training at flying clubs.  Below are list and a brief description of ones most popular with beginner pilots and private pilots.  There are much more advanced aircraft available to purchase or even rent in some cases which are outside the purpose of this website.  Feel free to contact me should you want to do  training in or purchase such aircraft. 

I recommend taking a close look at different make and models before committing to an aircraft  for learning how to fly.   Please contact me should you want to visit the airport and take a closer look at aircraft available for rent. 

Some of the make and models below are equipped with advanced avionics.  These avionic packages (G 1000 or AVEDINE) include displays similar to computer screens.  Terrine, traffic, weather, engine parameters, navigation,  flight planning are some of the features provided by advanced avionics.  You can start your flight training in such aircraft if you wish.  Ifyou are already a licensed pilot, and wish to learn the operation of advanced avionics,  feel free to contact me.



 Nariman Farsaie flying instructor cessna plane bay area.


Cessnas are "High Wing" aircraft.  I very much enjoy flying them as they perform well in short/unpaved strips.  Two large doors and windows make getting in and out a breeze.  They're available in 100 horse power and two seats all the way up to six seats and 310 Horsepower models.  They're available in 6 pack and advanced (G1000) avionics.  

172SP    180HP     4 seats    6 pack avionics      $151 per hour

172SP    180HP    4 seats     G 1000 avionics     $171 per hour

152         110HP     2 seats      6 pack avionics     $110 per hour

 Nariman Farsaie flying instructor piper plane bay area.


Pipers are made for the city folks.  They require a maintained runway.  They are very stable aircraft in flight.  Visibility is one of their greatest attributes as their wings are located below the fuselage.  Yes, they're considered "Low Wing".  They are available in 160 Horse Power and four seats all the way to six seats and 300 horsepower. 

PA 161    160HP   4 seats      6 pack avionics   $135 per hour

PA 181    180HP   4 seats      6 pack avionics   $141  per hour



 Nariman Farsaie flying instructor citabria plane bay area.


The ultimate bush plane.  The steerable wheel is located in the rear of the aircraft (Tail Wheel) and the main landing gear is located in front of the aircraft.  This allows a large distance between the propeller and debris  from surface as compared to nose gear aircraft. There's very little stability built in these aircraft.  They require attention specialy during landing and takeoff.  I highly recommend flying them as they improve your stick and rudder skills. 

8KCAB   180HP   2 seats   $149 per hour

7ECA      110HP    2 seats   $115 per hour




 Nariman Farsaie flying instructor cirrus plane bay area.


The most advanced aircraft available at Bay Are  flying clubs.  Very fast, These aircraft require high level of training to fly.  They  are equipped with advanced avionics (Glass).   All models are equipped with a built in parachute should there be a need for an off airport (emergency) landing.  Some have the option "known Icing'.  These are devices on the leading edges of the wings where alcohol is sprayed, melting or preventing ice buildup.

SR20   200HP    4 seats     $193 per hour

SR22    310HP    4 seats     $265 per hour


 Nariman Farsaie flying instructor diamond plane bay area.


Diamonds are advanced aircraft yet, easy to fly.  They're stable and docile aircraft in flight which makes them attractive to beginner pilots.   They're available in both standard and advance (Glass) avionics.  They have a large Wraparound front window.  This makes forward visibility and taking in the scenery and absolute pleasure.  They're available in two seat, 125 horsepower to four seats and 180 horsepower. 

DA40    180HP    4 seats      $170 per hour

DA20     120HP    2 seats      $120 per hour